Late Beatles Guitarist George Harrison’s ’84 AMG W126 Heads to Auction

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Beatles Mercedes W126 500 SEL AMG

Owned by music royalty and packing tons of upgrades, classic Mercedes carries loads of appeal and is set to hit the block on Jan. 26.

Even today, most still consider The Beatles to be the greatest band in history. The Fab Four are, at the very least, one of the most influential acts of all time, helping to create new musical genres as well as solidify existing ones. But The Beatles weren’t just groundbreaking musicians — they were noted automotive enthusiasts as well. Thus, it’s no surprise that guitarist/singer/songwriter George Harrison owned this amazing 1984 Mercedes W126 500 SEL AMG. And now, the car is hitting the block at Anglia Car Auctions on January 26.

Like a proper uber celebrity, Harrison purchased his Mercedes saloon new and immediately shipped it off to Strattons of Wilmslow, an AMG importer, for further customization. There it received a fortified suspension that also effectively lowered the car, a new body kit, Penta alloy wheels, and an interior upgrade. All-in-all, those extra goodies reportedly cost just shy of $110,000 U.S. (85k pounds). Which was crazy money back in the early ’80s.

Beatles Mercedes W126 500 SEL AMG

But as every car enthusiast already knows, no one ever gets their mod money back on the resale market. And this Mercedes looks to continue that trend, despite its celebrity ownership. Current auction estimates peg the car’s value at around 50-70k pounds, or $64-$90k U.S. Compared to some other notable Beetle cars we’ve seen auctioned off the in past, that’s a relative bargain.

Beatles Mercedes W126 500 SEL AMG

Especially considering the fact that this Mercedes has only 61k original miles and was recently treated to a pretty major refresh. It also comes with an extensive maintenance and ownership history and a host of magazine features. Throw in the fact that it was owned by music royalty, and it’s easy to see the appeal of this classic Mercedes.

Photos: Anglia Car Auctions

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