C63 AMG Black Series: Master of Brutal Revs & Runway Drags

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There’s nothing quite like the brutal exhaust note of a highly strung M156 V8 in an AMG, especially like this C63.

With only a few exceptions, Mercedes’ M156 could arguably be branded as the pinnacle of raw V8 essence. It has a snap crackle to the exhaust, a thunderous roar, and in the C63 AMG Black Series, some impressive power numbers. Taking it to a runway drag strip for the RACE1000 series makes this kind of car feel right at home.

Taking place at the Airport Magdeburg Cochstedt in Hecklingen, Germany, drivers are classed by horsepower, and then permitted to launch down the airport runway to see who has the highest top speed while crossing the finish line. Since its speed that matters, that’s why you see this AMG running solo on each run. That could be by choice since the event format indicates there’s two lanes available. As such, it’s not like a standard drag race where the winner is decided who crosses the line first.

C63 AMG Black Series runway race brutal

Different tactics were used by this 570 horsepower C63 AMG Black Series, with the first runs using a roll-in start, and the others using the car’s launch control. Left out of this video is any information regarding how it achieves the higher horsepower numbers, or the trap speeds at the end of the runs. But judging by the exhaust revs at the beginning of this video, turbos weren’t used to add power. Instead it seems this AMG stays all-motor, with likely a tune and exhaust work.

C63 AMG Black Series runway race brutal

The lack of turbos lends itself well to headphone users as they get the full force of the brutal symphony played by all eight cylinders. It’s a sound we honestly miss with AMG’s new turbocharged V8 motors. They aren’t any less deserving of the AMG pedigree, but they don’t quite have the sledge-hammer sound of the M156.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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