Stock C63 S AMG Strikes Fear in Dodge Demon

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Of course, the Dodge Demon has significantly more horsepower, so it will destroy a C63 S AMG, right? This YouTuber shows us otherwise.

In the world of saber-rattling, the Dodge Demon—all 840 horsepower of it—is the one that people currently aim for. Silly comparisons can be made about cars that can be “built for less,” but in terms of stock vehicle to stock vehicle, the Demon has the current upper hand.

Power is significantly greater for the Demon, with 300 more horsepower compared to AutoVlog’s 2015 C63 S AMG. Their measured weights are different by a couple hundred pounds, with the advantage to the Benz, but even so, the Mopar should still blow the doors off the AMG. To see how things pan out between the two V8 monsters, the AMG and Demon drivers head to “Mexico;” widely regarded as the world’s epicenter of highway roll racing.

Dodge Demon Burning Out

Race numero uno finishes in a rather unexpected way. With the Dodge Demon steadily falling back behind the C63 S. It does appear to gain a tiny bit of ground by the end of the run, but by then the winner was clear. Later on in the video it was revealed that the Dodge driver was fiddling with some settings in the car. That makes sense, kinda, but how much was changed in order for it to even lose that much? Seems like maybe the driver was just caught out and forgot that a race means you have to pin the throttle.

Dodge Demon highway roll race C63 S AMG

By the time the second race rolls along, apparently everything had been set up properly. Despite the win, it wasn’t an all out assault on the AMG like the extra power would suggest. Instead it was more like a steady pull. Aside from driver mods, if any Demon were to line up against a C63 S with a tune, they’d be in for a good serving of humble pie.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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