C63 Black Series Benzes Sound Like Morgan Freeman With Bronchitis

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There are certain cars that make such intoxicatingly raucous sound that you just wish you could bottle the noise up and keep it in your pocket. Like a loved one’s photo in your wallet, wouldn’t it be great to just pull out that sound whenever you’re feeling down, crack it open, and hear that sweet note of combustion that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face? One of those sounds certainly comes from the line of special edition Mercedes AMGs called the Black Series.

If you need further proof, check out the video below, featuring a group of Mercedes-Benzes galloping around in Hamburg, Germany. Among the crowd was a C63 AMG Black Series, but not just any Black Series. According to Exotics of Germany, who uploaded the video, this one was tuned by Benz specialist Väth, and has straight pipes. The 600hp modded Benz sounds fantastic, and you even get some extra tunes from a CLS AMG and another C63 AMG. Now press play, close your eyes, and listen to the raucous roars of AMGs.

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Via [Exotics of Germany]

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