Weistec’s 1,000-HP, Twin-Turbo V12, 4Matic C65 AMG Black Series

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Weistec C65 Black Series Twin-Turbo V12 4Matic

The C63 AMG Black Series is a monster, but what if you want more? Weistec Engineering just added a lot more.

For reasons of sanity, the C-Class chassis has never had the 6-liter V12 offered as a factory option, so the Weistec C65 AMG Black Series was born. Starting with an already special C63 AMG Black Series, Weistec Engineering removed the full drivetrain. The lovely 6.2-liter V8 making 510 horsepower just wasn’t enough for the customer who commissioned this build.

To refresh your memory, the Black Series was developed using the same V8 out of the SLS AMG, using forged pistons and a forged crankshaft. We really hope that V8 found a good home once it was taken out of the C63. The goal for this car was 1,000 horsepower to the wheels. As a result, the customer wanted to send this massive power to all four tires. The customer also asked to use the twin-turbo M279 V12 found in the SL65, S65, and CL65 AMGs.

Weistec C65 Black Series Twin-Turbo V12 4Matic

Of course, the twin-turbo V12 does not blast out 1,000 horsepower from the factory. So Weistec had to make a few engine modifications. The blown V12 now features a sleeved block, forged connecting rods, forged pistons, CNC-ported heads, and a custom dual-throttle-body intake manifold. The task of fitting the larger motor, plus accommodating the two turbos and all the necessary plumbing is a true mad-scientist feat of engineering. Looking through the photos you can see a lot of custom fabrication when into the build.

Weistec C65 Black Series Twin-Turbo V12 4Matic

Speaking of custom, the 4Matic all-wheel drive proposed its own challenges. Weistec employed CNC-machined parts to make everything fit. Those custom parts include the drive shafts, axles, differentials, and carbon-ceramic brakes. Weistec Engineering says the car has seen 1,000 horsepower at the wheels, but it will be getting more power soon.


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Weistec Engineering’s partner Mathia Bellussi, founder of Gulf Performance in Dubai, is performing the fine-tuning. He will be striving for more power now that the car is back home in the UAE.

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