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Can the Mercedes-Benz C300 Outrun Its Competitors?

Mercedes-Benz C300 acceleration test

Entry-level Mercedes-Benz C-Class takes on its rivals from Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Jaguar, and Lexus at a dragstrip. Will it come out on top?

  Comments | By - July 11, 2017

Oh You Silly BMW Owner, Your 3 Series Is Not a Skateboard

This BMW owner thought it would be prudent to zoom around the school bus in front of him. It wasn’t.

  Comments | By - October 25, 2016

Have You Been Double Clutching Like You Should?

Double Clutching

There are still some instances where you might need to use the double clutch technique.

  Comments | By - April 7, 2016

7 Reasons Why the Mercedes-AMG C63 Is Better Than the BMW M3

Why is the W205 C63 better than the M3? Let us count the ways…

  Comments | By - March 8, 2016

BMW: The Ultimate Lesson-Learning Machine

This video, shot in the canyons around Los Angeles on the lively Mulholland Highway, shows a BMW driver who seems to be unprepared, unplanned and inexperienced.

  Comments | By - November 18, 2015

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