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Matt Farah Drives a 2003 Mercedes E55 AMG with Hand Controls

Matt Farah drives an AMG E55 with hand controls.

The Smoking Tire drives a stock E55 AMG that is anything but your run-of-the-mill Merc.

  Comments | By - July 25, 2017

New 2017 Mercedes-AMG E63 S Drag Races Modified RS7 and M6

Stock Mercedes-AMG E63 S holds its own against tuned BMW and Audi.

Even with a load of extra power, Audi and BMW still have a hard time outrunning a stock AMG.

  Comments | By - July 24, 2017

Mercedes vs. Audi vs. Maserati vs. BMW: Who Wins In A Drag Race?

The Mercedes SL63 AMG on Fifth Gear.

How do a Mercedes SL63 AMG, Audi R8 V10 Spyder, and Maserati GranCabrio stack up against each other — and a BMW M3 — on the track?

  Comments | By - July 18, 2017

Another Alfa Romeo Bites the Dust in Embarrassing Italian Fashion

Alfa Romeo’s C63 AMG-fighter breaks down on-screen while filming Germany vs. Italy track challenge.

  Comments | By - July 17, 2017

AMG C63 S Coupe Competes in Car of the Year Testing

How Does the C63 S Coupe Compare to the 911 Carrera S, the BMW M2, and the Audi R8?

  Comments | By - December 29, 2016

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