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Showcasing the Wonderful CLK GTR

It’s not a Nissan, but it still remains one of the most iconic cars to ever wear the letters “G”, “T” and “R”. It is of course the CLK GTR, and there’s not another road-going Mercedes that can come close to it in terms of performance or panache.

  Comments | By - March 24, 2016

Hypercar Strongman Competition: LaFerrari vs Veyron SS vs 918 vs P1 vs Huayra

Five hypercar owners allow a professional race car driver to wring out each vehicle in order to find out who has the fastest lap time and quarter-mile sprint.

  Comments | By - November 17, 2015

Mercedes Committed to the V12 Engine

While most automakers are focused solely on turbocharging and displacement reduction, there are those few companies that are still attempting to preserve their larger engines for future generations. In this instance, it’s Mercedes.

  Comments | By - October 27, 2014

Lewis Hamilton Rips Through Monaco in his Zonda

Supercars are meant to be loud and brash, and this video highlights both of those aspects perfectly. It must be nice to be Lewis Hamilton, mustn’t it?

  Comments | By - September 2, 2014

Here’s How to Make Your Old Mercedes Howl Like a Pagani

The best possible way to modify your old Mercedes? Turn it into a Zonda.

  Comments | By - July 29, 2014

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