Daimler’s New Battery Tech Patent

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newbatterytech 597x372 Daimlers New Battery Tech Patent

At the 125 Years of the Automobile celebration kickoff, Daimler had announced that yet another technology patent had been granted to the automaker, some 80,000 patents after Carl Benz filed for the patent on the first automobile back in 1886. This new patent, presented by the German Patent and Trademark Office, is for a “bipolar flat-cell frame,” something touted to be a new battery technology breakthrough.

Basically, this “bipolar flat-cell frame” allows lithium-ion
batteries to be cooler, more efficient and more compact compared to the
current batteries that are in use in today’s electric vehicles. This
will certainly allow Daimler to fully industrialize lithium-ion
batteries and make them more viable for use in a wider range of

“If Daimler and Benz were still alive today, they would advise us to
make green cars even more fascinating and fascinating cars even greener.
Only attractive innovations are effective innovations,” said Dr. Dieter
Zetche, Daimler AG Chairman and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars.

Here’s what Daimler’s statement has to say about the patent’s
development progress: “This technology is now in the development stage
at Daimler and is potentially a further step along the way to the
industrialisation of lithium-ion batteries.”

At the celebration kickoff, Diamler also announced a plan to send a
trio of B-Class F-Cell vehicles on a trip around the globe in order to
prove that hydrogen fuel is a viable fuel source.

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