Electric S-Class Under Study By Mercedes-Benz

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Despite having hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions of Mercedes-Benz’s next-generation S-Class, a full electric version of that model is still being looked at, as confirmed by the company’s technical chief, Thomas Weber, who further states that “At the moment, we are looking at customer demand.”

Confirmation of this came as the electric S-Class was pictured while
out winter testing. Apart from the hybrid versions, the standard range
of engines will be Mercedes’ new V6 and V8 MoVe gasoline engines, plus a
2.2 liter diesel like the one found in the currently available S250.
This powerplant is the smallest that has ever been made available for
the S-Class. Hints of the S-Class’ design may be seen in the F800
concept shown at the Geneva Motor Show last March. As has been the case
ever since, new technologies such as  heads-up displays and
driver-oriented virtual displays will be introduced. The S-Class has
long been a platform for the introduction of new technologies from
Mercedes-Benz and the next generation should not disappoint.

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