Teen Creates Fully Functional Six-Speed Gearbox From Lego Parts

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Don’t think this will work in your vehicle, but it’s a fun little project!

People create some crazy things out of Lego bricks. With a pile of various size and shape Lego pieces, a creative person can make just about anything. One such creative person decided to take a few Lego parts and create an actual, working six-speed gearbox. Simply put, it’s incredible.

In a video, YouTuber Dgustafsson13, a self-proclaimed 17-year old “TFOL” (Teen Fan of Lego) from Sweden, shows off his working gearbox. He explains every feature, including how the gears operate. He points out that the input and output are linked by an axle that runs directly through the gearbox, meaning that you can actually switch the input and output if necessary.

Lego six-speed gearbox

However, the real magic happens when he hooks up the gearbox to a motor. As he goes through the six speeds, you can see just how smooth this transmission truly is. Obviously, it can’t be used in a Mercedes-Benz, unless Lego has a 300SL kit in the works. But considering how smooth this transmission is, this kid could have a future in the car business.

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If you’re someone who would like to make one of these yourself, Dgustafsson13 has his own website, where he posts instructions for this gearbox. He clearly has a fondness for automobiles, as many of his kits are used to make various cars and automotive machinery.

So, are you going to make a Lego transmission of your own?

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