Jay Leno Lucks Into Test Driving SLS AMG Roadster

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Jay Leno is one lucky mutha.  And we’re not just talking about the fact that he gets paid millions of dollars to tell jokes.  No, we’re talking about an even better perk: test driving the new 2012 SLS AMG Roadster around the AMG factory track.

While it might be better if Jay didn’t speak at all and just let
the 571 horsepower and 630 pounds torque speak for itself, the video
does showcase not only the car, but also Jay’s obvious enthusiasm for
the quality of it.  Jay also shows that’s he’s got more than a laymen‘s understanding of the vehicle, as he explains the 7-speed dual clutch gear box better than some mechanics could.

CEO Ola Kallenius is there to greet Jay when he lands in Stuttgart. 
Against all practicality, Ola hands the keys to the comedian.  When Jay
prods Ola for driving tips, Ola tells him to put the gear box into
sports plus or manual and “just push the throttle”.

From there,
Jay takes the SLS to Affalterbach, headquarters of AMG, where Jay
prepares to take the SLS for a spin around the famed factory test track.
But first, he places a call to one of the car’s developers, which is a
smart move, considering the SLS is the first car to be developed
independently by AMG.  The developer also prods Jay to quit driving like
an American and “push the throttle!”  Which Jay apparently does,
judging by how much fun he’s having.

Jay is certainly used to
performing, but let’s face it: his game’s gone down in recent years, or
at least his ratings have.  But if he can up his performance to the
level of the SLS, he’ll no doubt rule late night like the old days.

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