Why Owning a CL65 AMG Isn’t Worth it These Days

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Even for the capable at-home mechanic, the cost of parts alone is eye-watering.

LegitStreetCars took a look at a low-mileage CL65 AMG and pointed out the common areas that could potentially go wrong on a C215 of that era. You can almost hear the cash registers ringing in the distance when someone asks the question “how costly is it to repair a CL65 AMG?” For those who currently own one, dreaded terms such as “Active Body Control,” and “coil packs” are drawn out of the darkness in hopes of saving someone else from the pitfalls of C215 maintenance.

OK, that may be a little over dramatic, but lets not try to sugar coat reality. CL65 AMGs are not for everyone. Yes, depreciation does offer a lot of car for the money, but the downside is you’ll have to drain whatever money you have left in your bank account.

CL65 AMG C215 repair warranty maintenance cost

Just remember, regardless of low miles, the newest of these would be more than a decade old 2006 model. As such, the ABC suspension and pump, brake pads and rotors, and coil packs were the main focus.

Broken down into segments, costs were divvied up into three sections: cost at a dealer, labor hours to bring to an independent mechanic, and cost of parts with DIY labor.

CL65 AMG C215 repair warranty maintenance cost

Sitting down before hearing a number is often an over-used expression, but for this case, it could be valid. Focusing on just those three items alone leaves a repair bill just shy of $17,500. Yikes. But there’s a problem. Even if you just do all the labor yourself, it’s still going to be over $8,000 to address those issues.

If your plan is to buy a car with higher mileage in order to have a cheap “fixer upper” C215 this is worth while information to keep in mind. While you might take the advantage of a lower price initially, you’ll feel it sooner or later.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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