MB Disco Party: The Top Benzes of the 70’s

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by Teddy Fields

How is it that looking back, things always seem rosier somehow? Nostalgia just works like that, especially when you’re talking about the 70’s; times were simpler, people were friendlier, things were cheaper and grass was everywhere!

But could that just be the rose colored lenses of our memory? Or, were things actually better “back then”? Obviously, that all depends on where you were in life. For example, if you were in jail at the time, then no. But if you were rich or a kid, then yeah, you probably have fond memories. And if you were in the market for a Mercedes Benz in the 1970’s… the world was your oyster. Because we’re feeling nostalgic, here are our top MB’s of the 70’s!

Top 70’s Benz #1: See you at the Saloon! >>>>>>>>>>

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