Cringe-Inducing Merc on Merc Donut Destruction

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merc smash 2

If you don’t find the destruction of perfectly good Mercedes metal entertaining, you should probably move on. PowerNation TV’s video below features five donut fails, and sitting pretty at number two is a duo of older Mercs doing the circular dance in a parking lot. Just a few spins in and the two cars collide, rear wheel to rear wheel. Or as a colleague so eloquently put it, they performed the ass-to-ass smash.

I know that Mercedes makes some wonderfully powerful vehicles that tend to ignite our inner hooligan, but if you feel like showing off a little bit, do try to be careful.

If you don’t care to see two idiots smash their Mercedes, but you do enjoy seeing other foolish antics, make sure to check out the other four “Fast Fails” in this video. They are pretty hilarious.

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