Mercedes-Benz Acoustic Package: Does it Block Your Radar Detector?

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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Radar Points

Mercedes-Benz uses acoustic glass to keep noise out. Does this technology make you more likely to get a speeding ticket? Our forum members chime in. 

There’s no doubt that Mercedes-Benz is a world leader in luxury cars. They provide owners with a level of calm and comfort in their everyday commute. The attention to detail in the interior is best in class. The seats offer massaging and ventilation for heat and cooling. And in the latest models Mercedes-Benz offers an Acoustic package, which includes special infrared reflecting coated glass to keep out the sun’s heat. This luxury provides an extra level of comfort, but could it end up costing you a speeding ticket?

mercedes e class wagon acoustic package

Many Mercedes-Benz owners use their cars at speeds commonly found on the Autobahn. These incredible cars were, after all, originally built to handle the high speeds of the German highways, so who could blame them? In an attempt to minimize chances of getting a speeding ticket many owners use radar detectors and laser jammers. In most states in the U.S. these warning devices are completely legal, and help make drivers more aware of their surroundings. Unfortunately the same luxury acoustic glass package that provides a quite ride is also blocking the functionality of these radar detectors.

Mercedes-Benz Acoustic glass

In a recent thread on MBWorld forums, owners discussed their experiences with their different brands of radar detectors and laser jammers. Forum member ELove posted:

“There are two areas where you can mount radar detectors, gate openers, etc. Center of your dashboard or next to the rear view mirror housing on the passenger side. According to my contact these areas will not impede function of said devices.”

Member nickprak23, who started the thread, also sounded off:

“Yep I have the acoustic package on my car (dealer mistake in adding it to my build but that’s a whole different matter and I’m done being upset about it) When I took my car windows to get tinted and my radar hard wired, I was told that radars have trouble even with the cutout areas in the IR windshields. Which is why I started this thread.”

BJTyler747 raised a solid point:

“While I love the exhaust note from spirited driving, the reality is that I probably spend 90% of my time on the highway listening to the audio system. Because of this, I thought it might be nice to have the acoustic package. However, I also use about 6 different IR/RFID devices (radar detector, EZpass, 2 gate openers, 2 garage openers) and I’d hate to have all of these begin malfunctioning. I don’t want to be “that guy” who is holding everyone up at the parking garage trying to open the gate by sticking the transponder out the window and waving it around like some sort of idiot until the attendant finally has to come over and manually open the gate.”

And 2014 merc amg gave some feedback:

“Well good news, my radar detector seemed to work fine today, I located it right on top of the dash in the center and the radar signals seem to come in fine though that long slot. It went off a few times on my trip to Ft. Myers and back from Venice Fl today. I saw quite a few cops in the center and breakdown lanes. So that’s a relief, now that I know where those access holes are, it is helpful, I had it located on the left side of the dash on the trip down to Florida from Rhode Island a couple weeks ago, it never went off the whole trip, it was shielded. The bad news was I could not seem to get the adhesive stick gate opener to work and tried it in multiple places where the cutouts are, no luck. I…bought a portable gate pass, worse comes to worse I’ll hold that out out the window, I placed it on the top cutout to the right of rear view mirror, I’m hopeful it will work there, getting tired of messing around with this crazy windshield.”

While some people definitely like the acoustic package, the results are mixed. This issue is definitely a unforeseen consequence when checking the box for the acoustic package. It may have new buyers reconsidering this option in the future.

Let us know what your experience has been in the comments, or join the conversation in the forums.

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