Mercedes-AMG CLS63 Shooting Brake Scares the Poop Out of a Dog

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The CLS63’s 740 charging horses may not wake up the dead, but they can summon the poop out of the finest Monégasque dogs!

Renntech is known for upping the ante on some of Mercedes-Benz’s already hottest creations. The CLS Shooting Brake isn’t just a gorgeous wagon, but it’s also quite powerful from the factory with its 5.5-liter V8 biturbo engine with 557 horsepower.

Mercedes-AMG CLS63

Because that’s not enough for some folks, Renntech can step in and tweak AMG’s already nutty software and hardware in order to squeeze more power and torque from the drivetrain, as well as amp-up the sinister styling.

As this video by Gumbal shows us, that has resulted in a 740-horsepower CLS Shooting Brake with a sexy-as-hell exhaust note!

That’s not all, of course, as this Mercedes-AMG sports a sleek Selenite Gray Metallic body riding on a set of stunning of wheels which come as part of the Renntech upgrade package. And by the looks of it, the owner loves to put that rubber to good use throughout the streets of Monaco.

Unfortunately, the puppy was either intimidated by the deep growl of the Shooting Brake, or it simply decided that a concrete driveway was the perfect place to stop to do some business. Either way this video will really make you wish you had a few extra hundred grand in the bank.

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