Mercedes-AMG DTM Race Car: World’s Fastest Wedding Limo

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This DTM racing driver took the saying ‘because racecar’ to a new level when he arranged for his wedding’s limo service.

What kind of car did you ride in after you said, “I do” to your significant other? If you’re single, what kind of car do you think is appropriate for such a special day? Ultimately, both answers are right because it’s your wedding day. But let’s be honest, both answers are probably pretty boring.


DTM racing driver Maro Engel didn’t hire a chauffeur for his big day. Instead, he opted to drive the same Mercedes-AMG DTM race car he pilots for a living. We recently learned that a CLK63 AMG proved to be just a bit too powerful for a new Texas couple, but we’re sure Engel and his bride are a bit smarter than that.

This video by Mercedes-AMG DTM gives us an exclusive glimpse at how Engel’s shindig went down, and even though your humble writer drove away from his own wedding at the wheel of a 2001 E55 AMG, he’s still pretty darn jealous.

We’re not exactly sure where the wedding took place, but it looks like a pastoral coastal town somewhere in Europe. Judging by the look of the narrow cobblestone streets, we’re also going to guess that Engel couldn’t drive too fast. Then again, considering the lack of sound and heat insulation in the cockpit he probably did best by taking it easy.

Maro Engel's Mercedes-AMG DTM wedding car.
After all, he and the missus had to make sure they were in tip-top shape to party with Nico Rosberg at the reception, as well as for the evening’s more intimate commitments. Too cool!

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