Mercedes-AMG S65 Cabriolet Clashes With Bentley Continental GT Black

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Which Is the Better Luxury Convertible? Motor Trend’s Head-to-Head Finds Out

If you wanted a premium luxury convertible from Mercedes-Benz, a car to announce to the world that you’ve made it, the SL was the car to choose. The power-folding roof had a glass top, AirScarf kept you warm on chilly nights. You could even get it with the mighty 12-cylinder engine in AMG trim. But it only has two seats.

Enter the new S-Class convertible. There’s not much to say about the car, other than it’s a convertible S-Class coupe. It has a fast fabric roof, it has all the features of the luxurious S-Class, plus it’ll seat four people.

But there’s competition in that segment, and the elephant in the room is the Bentley Continental GT. In the video above,¬†Motor Trend‘s Johnny Lieberman and Jason Cammisa take both cars through Manhattan, and then out to the countryside nearby.

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The Bentley is quite something to look at, with carbon fiber and red accents. It’s clearly trying to be on the sportier side of the spectrum. It’s praised for its power and performance, and blasted for its dated infotainment and technology.

The Mercedes is more of a cruiser than the Bentley, but both Lieberman and Cammisa were surprised at how well the S65 drives, when they got on it. They even commented on how great the engine note is, which is sometimes hard to do with a V12 engine.

Ultimately, the Mercedes-AMG S65 wins the contest. It has better equipment. It has a slightly-better ride. It’s the ultimate premium-luxury convertible. And until there’s a truly updated version of the Continental GT, it’s unmatched by any other automaker.

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