Mercedes-Benz EQ Line to Lead the Charge Against Tesla

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Mercedes-Benz EQA Concept

As Mercedes’ EQ line goes from concept to production, it will offer the EQE electric sedan that should have Tesla worried. 

Mercedes-Benz has been looking towards the future with their line of EQ electric vehicles. The EQ line will consist of 10 new electric cars, expected to be built by 2025. The automaker has already started producing the EQC 400 SUV. And next up is the EQE sedan, which will debut in 2022. And the EQE already seems poised to give the Tesla Model S some serious competition.

While Mercedes has not released any images of the EQE, we do have some idea of what we can expect. The EQE will be combining all the benefits of EV technology with Mercedes top-notch style and luxury.

“The EQE will be shorter in length than today’s E-Class,” a source for Mercedes-Benz told Autocar.” But offer space comparable to the existing S-Class.”

2020 Mercedes-Benz EQC

Manufactured in Sindelfingen, Germany, the EQE will have a lower ride height, and is offered in four-wheel-drive. It runs on two electric motors, and will certainly deliver on power, with an expected 407 hp, with 564 lb.-ft of torque. It will feature a smooth ride thanks to the active air suspension and four-wheel steering. There will also be a host of as safety features included. The EQE improves upon the EQC’s range, boasting about 370 miles. Mercedes may add a rear-wheel-drive option of the EQE down the line.

The EQE should be direct competition for Tesla’s Model S. They are expected to be comparable in cost, and there is not doubt that Mercedes will up the stakes with a lot of luxe features, style, and performance.

Watch your back, Elon, M-B is coming for you. And this time, it’ll be all out war.

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