Need a Mercedes G500 4×4² for Your Coffee Table?

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The Mercedes G-Klasse and its miniatures.

GT Spirit Models is offering the ludicrous G-Klasse 4×4² in a life-like and still-massive 1:18 scale. 

There’s something about automotive fanaticism that manifests itself in a desire to collect things. We want to experience so many different varieties of automobilia that our passions often outstrip our garage space.

Miniature Merceds G-Klasse.

So it isn’t surprising that many of us collect models too. If we can’t have the car we really want because it’s too large, too expensive, or too impractical, we can find space on our desks or bookshelves for a miniature version of it. You can’t drive it, but it gives you something tangible to admire. And we really want to admire this G500 4×4² model up close and personal.

Personally, we tend to collect models in 1:43 scale because they take up less room. But for a car with such a larger-than-life presence, we’re willing to make an exception for this giant portal-axle Merc. It would be a lot more fun to climb over boulders in a $200,000 Mercedes. But with our budget, we’re happy to opt for this GT Spirit version instead. At 100 Euros (about $117 at current exchange rates), each model is painstakingly crafted from over 100 individual high-quality components. The paint is laid on in two coats of primer, two coats of paint, and one coat of varnish, just like automotive manufacturers traditionally do. The colors are even been certified by Mercedes to be the correct shade. Each of these small G-Klasses is stamped with a unique serial number too.

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Now comes another question for miniature and full-sized collectors alike; Do you keep the car pristine and sealed in your garage (office), or do you take it out to play and get dirty in a nearby sandbox?

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