Mercedes-Benz 1982-2009 C-Class Overview

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Since the Mercedes-Benz C-Class was presented to the world in 1982, it
has seen many innovations and safety alterations but has become a
mainstay in the automotive market. These Mercedes-Benz vehicles were
originally designed and produced to attract a younger market, but have
become popular in all age groups due to their affordability.2004 c-class oupe.jpg

The future C-Class cars will continue with Mercedes-Benz
high-standards, and all but the C300 will offer a seven-speed automatic
transmission with rear-wheel drive. Standard safety features should
include an anti-lock braking system, anti-skid and traction control,
and front and curtain side airbags. Additional available features
should include a navigation system, bi-xenon headlamps and a split
folding rear seat.

Current models of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class are sporty while
luxury-themed simultaneously and are generally “shopped” against the
Audi A4 and the BMW 3Series. Still referred to as the “Baby Benz,”
given its power and superb equipment, it also rivals its own

Although maintenance is generally costly, the C-Class usually ranks
high in handling, performance, reliability, and scores well in crash

Commendable aerodynamics, superb safety features, impressive comfort,
and excellent driving ability coupled with a plethora of makes, models,
styles, and engine and comfort options, have made the Mercedes C-Class
a core of the automotive industry.

The C-Class includes executive compact, executive sedans, coup├ęs and
the luxury supercar. They are assembled in Brazil, Egypt, South Africa,
and in the Bremen and Sindelfingin Germany plants.

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