Mercedes-Benz 2007- 2009 C-Class: 4th Generation

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The W204 Series

Mercedes-Benz released the latest C-Class in January 2007. The most
recent Mercedes-Benz C-Class offers the four-door sedan or the
five-door estate. Unlike any of its predecessors, the new C-Class has
four trim models: AMG, Avantgarde, Classic, and Elegance.

The Mercedes-Benz W204 Series is manufactured in four-door saloon and
five-door estate body styles. The engine options for the latest C-Class
are 1.8, 2.2, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 or 6.2 liter with 16, 24 or 32 Volts and
134 to 451 hp. This Mercedes-Benz C-Class is a bit larger than any of
its predecessors and is offered with gasoline or diesel engines and a
choice of rear and all-wheel drive.  

The transmission options are six-speed manual and five or seven-speed
automatic. Mercedes-Benz  cylinder options are S4, V6, V8 and the
Inline-4. The newest C-Class models have an extended wheel base and
tracks and a stronger body shell. There is a different design for the
side mirrors and an updated instrument panel, as well as many
innovative standard options. The Mercedes-Benz Kompressor was
manufactured for the first time in this line, but there are plans to
replace this model’s engines with turbo engines.

The C63 C-Class car marks the first AMG version of Mercedes-Benz cars
that were built with AMG specifications from the ground-up instead of
being AMG “fine-tuned” after the vehicles were assembled.

The latest C-Class models received many accolades, including the
Executive Car of the Year in the 2007 Top Gear Awards deemed by Top
Gear Magazine and The Car of the Year by Australia’s Wheels Magazine in

The Mercedes-Benz W204 Series is assembled in Brazil, Egypt, South Africa, and the two plants in Germany.

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