Mercedes-Benz S400, Official Automobile of the 2010 US Open

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Participants to the one of the largest tennis events of the year, the 2010 US Open Tournament, will have a chance to test first hand a line of Mercedes-Benz automobiles, lead by the Mercedes-Benz S400 HYBRID sedans and Mercedes-Benz F-CELL.

Mercedes-Benz, a regular partner of the United States Tennis Association (USTA), will be supplying a total of 75 – S400 Hybrid automobiles to be utilized as transport vehicles for players and VIP alike, exhibiting 60% of the overall fleet of cars to be used for the event.

Using eco-friendly vehicles to participate in the open is part of the USTA’s environmental drive that was introduced in 2007. Other than using hybrid automobiles to accommodate participants, the association will also put into effect recycling, energy management, composting and using paper products made of at least 30 percent post-consumer waste.

The main feature of the open, aside from the tennis games themselves,
will be the latest green PSA campaign to be hosted by Hollywood actor
Alec Baldwin. For Mercedes, this is yet another chance to enact what
it says to be a succession of measures aimed to promote eco-mobility.

According to Stephen Cannon, vice president of Marketing for
Mercedes-Benz USA, they are very much excited to join in the USTA’s
environmental strategy and positively effect the US Open green
initiatives via the Mercedes-Benz transportation fleet.

Also, by tapping their portfolio of eco-vehicles, they can aid
athletes, staff and officials with green transportation without
sacrificing luxury or safety.

Additionally, in the next four years, Mercedes-Benz is devoted to
trying out new ways through innovative mobility to assist the USTA in
maximizing their environmental initiatives.

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