Mercedes-Benz USA is 15th on “Fortune’s Top 100 Companies to Work For” List

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fortune100bestcompanies Mercedes Benz USA is 15th on

Thanks to workers’ flexible work schedules, generous telecommuting terms, compressed workweeks and other perks and benefits, Mercedes-Benz USA was ranked 15th on the Fortune magazine Top 100 Best Companies to Work For list.

The citation marks the company’s second straight year on the least,
after it placed at 49th the year before. Aside from the perks stated
above, employees also enjoy an on-site carwash and a gym that comes
complete with not one but two personal trainers.

“While each milestone is impactful, this particular one is especially
rewarding because it is based on employee feedback,” said Merc USA
President and CEO Ernst Lieb. “The company forged ahead as a unified
team to emerge from the current economic crisis into a leadership role.
It’s a reflection of what it is like to work at MBUSA – a community
where associates feel a sense of belonging and kinship, literally
embodying the slogan ‘the best or nothing.'”

MB USA stood out as the only automobile manufacturer on the list for
the year; only another car-related firm–CarMax, a retailer of used
vehicles–placed on the list, at number 81. Numerical analysis software
firm SAS was at the top, while internet and computer giant Google was at

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