Mercedes-AMG C63 Proves Itself a Refined Beast On the Road

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AMG Benz’ feral V8 engine is a force to be reckoned with, and that exhaust note leaves us weak in the knees. 

In this video by YouTuber Zimba Motoring, host Nez gives a thorough review and test drive of the Mercedes-AMG  C63 AMG coupe. His goal is not only to kick the tires on the C-class car, but to find out if this is a Mercedes worth buying.

One look at the Diamond white metallic coupe and we’re ready to throw all our money at the nearest dealer. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Of course the C63 is a car that looks gorgeous. But once AMG gets their hands on it, it is a powerful, muscular ride.

Mercedes C63 AMG

Nez starts out by going over all the specs of the car. It has 19- and 20-inch forged alloy wheels, and is longer and wider that previous models.

“I love how squatted and aggressive this looks,” he says, especially impressed with refreshed backside. “Look at the wheel arches, how much they come out…This car comes with a square exhaust pipe…these work well with this shape. It looks more modern.”

Mercedes C63 AMG

Raves all around for the exterior, and the interior is no slouch. It is also full of great aesthetic details and features. The two-toned black and red leather AMG sports seats are undeniably sharp. A clever touch is placing the Burmester sound system and seat controls higher up on the door panel. He goes over the infotainment screen, loaded with features, as well as the drive mode controls, seat options, and more.

Mercedes C63 AMG

Of course, the star here is is 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine. This is the same engine as the AMG GT, producing 469 hp and 479 lb.-ft of torque.

“When she fires up into life, what a lovely V8 burble,” Nez says. Enough talk, let’s get to the action. Nez hits the road.

He starts off driving in Sport + mode with the gearbox in manual. His reaction at the revving tells us all we need to know.

Mercedes C63 AMG

Unfortunately, Nez is in the rainy U.K., and the roads are wet. Not the best for the C63. Says Nez, “It wants to spin. But it sounds fantastic.”

He gets going down the road, and the camera captures great shots from inside the car, outside the car, and on the road. One camera is set up to capture the exhaust, and it is a guttural and intoxicating note.

“How Mercedes made a twin charged V8 sound this good, I don’t know,” he adds.

Mercedes C63 AMG

The 7-speed gearbox is improved from the 6.2L C63, where gear changes could feel sluggish.

“This is a welcome change,” says Nez of the responsiveness. “Downshifts are very good.” He is thoroughly impressed with the driveability. He mentions that the wider body and larger chassis only added an addition 154 pounds on the car.

But the way it drives; it is dynamic, it is responsive, it is fast, powerful, sexy, and tough.

“That’s the appeal of this car, it is a big old brutish muscle car.” He sums it up perfectly.

Mercedes C63 AMG

He tries all the different driving modes: Comfort, Sport, Sport +, and Individual. Each offers a different benefit, and adjusts the cars handling and responsiveness.

Check out the video for the full review. Nez is a delight, charming and informative. And as a Mercedes owner, his insights are spot on. As for his final thoughts on the C63?

“The engine completely dominates the driving experience,” Nez asserts. “It the THE thing about this car.”

We couldn’t agree any more.

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