Mercedes Diesel Owners File Lawsuit Stating MB Has “Cheat Device” Similar to Volkswagen

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Some Mercedes diesel owners are now claiming Mercedes has installed a cheat device similar to the one that has Volkswagen wrapped up in scandal and lawsuits. So far, all of the claims are unfounded, and Daimler has fully cooperated with the EPA in terms of handing over information.

“We consider this class action lawsuit to be unfounded. Our position remains unchanged: A component that inadmissibly reduces emissions is not used in Mercedes-Benz vehicles,” states¬†Daimler.

This lawsuit was filed in the U.S. by lawfirm Hagens Berman, who claim that testing finds newer BlueTEC vehicles passed dyno testing, but in real world environments produced higher than permitted levels of nitrogen oxide. Mercedes equips their larger, more powerful BlueTEC engines with a urea treatment system that treats the exhaust fumes before they leave the tailpipe, which reduces nitrogen oxide levels.

This comes on the heels of news from Volkswagen… well, actually, no news from Volkswagen. The world’s largest car manufacturer still has a stop-sale in effect for diesel cars in the U.S. which has left dealers and owners in the dark for when a fix will actually be implemented.

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