Mercedes Drivers Most Likely to Give Up Driving to Autonomous Vehicles

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Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet

Even though we were supposed to have a flying car by the year 2000, automakers are making inroads into the self-driving car. In a matter of years, we’re expecting to see fully-autonomous cars out and about on the streets around the country, while the drivers text and tweet away without fear of dying in a fiery car crash. But which drivers are most likely to embrace the change? Mercedes-Benz owners, of course!

According to a recent study and shared by Bloomberg, about 27% of Mercedes-Benz owners say they are “very interested” in self-driving cars. Infiniti owners share a similar sentiment. So when they pull the steering wheel out of my cold dead hands, I know who to blame!

But seriously, it’s not that surprising. Much of the safety technology available today in new cars started life in a Mercedes-Benz. Many of the semi-autonomous assist systems that are currently out there are on Benzes, and the owners know how to use the technology. That creates a lower barrier of entry for adoption of fully-autonomous driving.

Truthfully self-driving technology is pretty cool. For the boring parts of my commute, including the 90 minute drive I frequently make to the airport, I’d love to have the car do the work for me. But I also want to be able to turn off the expressway and have some fun. I don’t want a computer to do that for me.

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