How to Drift a Mercedes on a Frozen Lake from Your Couch

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Learning to drift on a frozen lake can be expensive, but Project Cars 2 has just made it a lot more accessible.

If you want to drift a Mercedes on a frozen lake in Sweden, then you will need to go to Sweden, right? Yes of course, unless you can bring the Swedish frozen lake to you, which is exactly what Project Cars 2 has done.

Mercedes-Benz Drifting in Show

Mercedes-Benz partnered with Slightly Mad Studios and Bandai Namco Entertainment Group to create a digital version of its advanced driving experience training course held on a frozen lake in Sorsele, Sweden. The fully interactive experience allows you to ice-drift the new Mercedes-AMG GT R from the comfort of your couch.

Mercedes-Benz Driving Events offers its advanced driving experience on a large frozen lake 70 miles from the arctic circle each winter.  The driving events are designed to teach drivers car control in an extreme winter environment. The ice tracks, over nine miles-worth, were designed by F1 track designer Hermann Tilke, who also designed Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas.

The multi-day driving experience puts you through the most extreme winter driving conditions. Best of all, there are several drift training sections in which you will be sliding a new Mercedes sideways for most of the day.


“Here on the ice, the most important thing is drifting, all the time, in every corner”

— Wolfgang Müller, Mercedes-Benz Driving Events Chef Driving Instructor


The cost of the program or the time to travel may prevent you from ever experiencing this unique type of driving environment. The frozen virtual world in Project Cars 2 is just like the real thing and allows you to drive all 13 of the Mercedes-Benz cars available in the game on the icy track. The developers used data they collected out on the ice and programmed it into the game. Driving on the slick surface means you need to be quick with your thumbs or hands (depending on your gaming setup) to dial in the opposite lock and stay on course. The skill of controlling a car during a loss of traction is a tool to master if you want to be the fastest on track.

If you are ready to drift a Mercedes on ice, you won’t have to wait long, as “Project Cars 2” comes out September 22 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.


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