Mercedes MLC SUV Coupe to be Produced in Tuscaloosa Plant

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MLC SUV COupe Mercedes MLC SUV Coupe to be Produced in Tuscaloosa Plant

Mercedes recently announced that a fifth model will be produced in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama plant, the MLC SUV Coupe. The MLC SUV Coupe is expected to be a rival of the BMW X6 and the Acura ZDX.

The MLC will blend the sporty styling of a coupe with the
stance and all-wheel-drive traction of an SUV. Likely engine options
will be a gasoline V-6 and V-8, as well as at least one diesel. There
have also been rumors of an AMG-tuned version, which could compete
against the wicked X6 M.

Mercedes said that it will spend some $350 million to upgrade the
Tuscaloosa plant to prepare for production of the new crossover, which
is scheduled to begin in 2015. Last year, it was reported that an
investment of $2 billion is being put
in the Alabama plant for, among other things, the production of the

The production of the MLC will create an additional
400 jobs. Add that to the C-Class news and locals will be able to thank
Mercedes for the creation of some 1400 new jobs. 

Mercedes keeps on adding new models. Are they making too many? Shout off in the forums!

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