Mercedes To Dethrone Lexus as U.S. Luxury Brand Leader

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After ten years of leading the U.S. luxury vehicle sales charts, Lexus may shortly be dethroned by the previous leader, Mercedes-Benz, as well as BMW. While Lexus sales have been recuperating this year from the first half of last year’s poor sales result, the Mercedes-Benz sales have been going up really fast.


One likely reason for this discrepancy is the chain of recalls Lexus
has had this present year, which includes accelerator pedals, floor
mats, leaking gas tanks and defective valve-springs. Also, based on the
reports, the the strong sales of Mercedes-Benz has been greatly
influenced by the release of the new E-Class.

Last month, the sales of Lexus went up by merely 2.7 percent in
contrast to the 25 percent and 15 percent boost in sales of Mercedes and
BMW respectively. Until Lexus sort out its problems and convince its
clients that their quality problems have been dealt with, Toyota’s
premium brand could descend behind both German brands.

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