Mercedez-Benz’s Actros Carries Dump Truck like a 220 Ton Toddler

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How’s that for “built tough.”

The great thing about Mercedes is the utterly staggering variety of vehicles they build. In the states their name is synonymous with style, and luxury, and technology. In other parts of the world, Mercedes-Benz is a company that builds all variety of vehicle. Like this one. Mercedes calls this titan the Actros.

In case you’re wondering, the maximum weight rating for an Actros is 250 tons. Apparently, that colossal dump truck on it’s bed is likely close to that. I’m assuming that’s what the numbers “220”  are there for. For reference, the largest animal on the planet, the Blue Whale weighs about as much a the Actros can carry.

Now if only the G-Class came with a bed

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