New B-Class Details Outed

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newbclass New B Class Details Outed

Mercedes-Benz has revealed some official technical info about the new B-Class family car line. The juicy tidbits include a more eco-friendly variant of the engine, and there will be a 4WD version along with a full complement of engines that run on different power sources.

In addition, the new B-Class is said to come with a lower center of
gravity thanks to new chassis architecture. This way, even the lower-end
model will get a sporty treatment. Aside from that, there is also some
new engineering found between the tray and the floor–something called
“energy storing space” where batteries, fuel cells, and natural gas
containers can be put. This feature should be available in hybrid
and hydrogen-powered B-Class models sometime around 2013 to 2014.

With its multilink rear suspension, the new B-Class can carry even
four-wheel drive 4matic setups that you usually find on AMG cars. There
will also be a new range of 3-cylinder power plants based off some
Renault technology.

Expect the new B-Class lineup to be showcased at the Frankfurt Auto
Show, which is set to happen in September. European sales begin in the

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