Oh You Silly BMW Owner, Your 3 Series Is Not a Skateboard

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Everywhere you look in sprawling urban centers, traffic causes frustration and occasional road rage. The problem, however, is that if you choose to take action by racing around other cars, accidents are likely to occur.

That is exactly what happened to this dummy in New York, who thought it prudent to zoom around the vehicle in front of him. The BMW driver probably saw the big, yellow school bus and thought: “Oh no, if I am caught behind that thing I am definitely going to be late to the strip-club buffet.”


Well, now you’re definitely not going anywhere, you ninny, because you just drove your 3 Series BMW onto a median. This isn’t the X-Games, man. BMWs don’t do 50-50s like Tony Hawk. Maybe there’s a deeper, self-loathing here, where he wishes his BMW was instead a new and ultra-swanky Mercedes-Benz.

It just goes to show that carelessness, stupidity, and impulsiveness never end well for anyone. If you are going to commit to owning a nice car, you ought to take pleasure in all the interior amenities and get used to a traffic-laden commute.

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