Post-apocalyptic Maybach Makes Appearance In Rap Video

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You won’t believe your eyes at the treatment this Maybach receives in Jay-Z and Kanye West’s latest video. Be forewarned, it’s shocking to see such beauty and grace hacked up and blow-torched til it looks like Batman’s convertible. We literally had to turn away. 

When you see a Maybach, its usual backdrop is against a gleaming tower. Or else you see it with some executive type getting in. Maybachs are the
epitome of luxury in the 4-wheeled domain and it would be unthinkable
to some to get even a scratch on its flawless paint. The fact that there
are so few in the world makes it all the more seemingly untouchable.

But touched it is in Jay-Z and Kanye‘s video, where the message
these rappers seem to want to convey is that this luxury world doesn’t
affect them much, and even a Maybach 57 is just a thing to be toyed with.

You’ll see blowtorches and cutters being put to indecent use on this
Maybach, until it looks like a post-apocalyptic Max Max vehicle with its
hood out the back and the rear spouting flames. If it weren’t for the
fact that this was such an expensive car, the treatment would really be
funny. However, Jay-Z has reportedly donated this car to charity, and
the proceeds of auctioning this car should be worth something to those
in need, it might even be worth more than sticker, considering Jay-Z’s Midas touch.

Is this an artistic statement or just plain vandalism? Voice your opinion here!

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