RENNTech CL65 AMG Burns Blacktop at Dusk

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Though we write about plenty of tech topics here at MBWorld — like autonomous driving, drones, and electric rides — we’re still suckers for basic power at heart. You show us burnouts or donuts, and we’ll show you the most awkwardly excited ear-to-ear grins you’ve ever seen. And we like to share those simple joys with you.

This new video from GTBoard gives us exactly what our souls thirst for, and with an old bird we’re still madly in love with: a RENNtech-tuned Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG. According to the vid’s description, this car doesn’t just have the old RENN treatment, it’s been updated with newer improvements as well. It’s so powerful, apparently, that it ran a quarter mile in 10.62 seconds at 133.7 mph. But, ironically, we’re not here to watch it skip across the track. We’re here to watch it stay still and halfway disappear in a cloud of toxic-white, burnt-rubber smoke.

Set against a falling sun with hues of orange and yellow, the video only lasts 30 seconds, but it’s more than enough to get our blood pumpin’.

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