RENNtech CLS63 AMG Sounds Beautifully Chaotic

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Spitting out all sorts of nasty crackling and popping, this tuned biturbo Mercedes CLS63 AMG is nothing less than pure aural addiction.

Among the many tuners in the world of Mercedes, RENNtech stands as one of the most impressive. The producer of M-B performance parts is well known for making impressive gains with simple tweaks. Which includes bumping E63 sedans up way past the 700 to 800 horsepower mark, enabling them to crack the 10-second barrier in the quarter-mile. And they’re also responsible for the wicked, tuned Mercedes CLS63 AMG you see before you.

Granted, the Mercedes CLS63 AMG is already an impressive machine as is. But a few simple mods are all it takes to turn this silver sedan into a snarling beast. For starters, there’s that delicious aural symphony coming from the RENNtech exhaust. A little revving is all it takes to make some seriously nasty crackling and popping noises. And it’s at that point you realize this isn’t your average, stock cruiser owned by some suit.

Mercedes CLS63 AMG

But this tuned Mercedes CLS63 isn’t just about noise, of course. It doesn’t take much to light up those massive rear tires. Nor keep them spinning for a considerably distance. So the only question left to ask is, how does she run? Well, pretty darn good. Here we see the big sedan edged out by an Audi RS6 C7, but then it easily takes down a C63 S AMG, among others.


All the while making some pretty insane noises from its aftermarket exhaust. We can’t really blame the owner for constantly revving the crap out his BiTurbo. When your car makes such addictive noises, you just can’t help yourself, you know? Now he just needs to work on traction, and we’re guessing this big sedan would make a pretty killer drag racer, too!

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