RENNtech Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Shreds Tires

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The SLR McLaren still holds a special place in the hearts of MB fans, especially when its tires are blazing.

The more we play back this video, the more we’re inclined to think it might have missed a prime opportunity.

Why? Well, the clip of the supercharged Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren shredding its tires after a few laps on the track should have been part of the 2010 farewell tour, paying tribute to the closing of the seven-or-so-year run of the beloved sports car. Instead, we’re getting the show all these years later, after stumbling on the video in a Jalopnik report.

SLR McLaren

Then again, the clip is still pretty entertaining to watch. And yet another reminder that Mercedes has had some amazing collaborations over their 90-year history. This particular SLR McLaren features a Mansory body kit and a number of other upgrades from RENNtech.

Mercedes and McLaren had one helluva run, right?

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As a Mercedes fan, that’s probably one relationship you wish could have panned out a little longer. One thing’s for sure, there’s still strong fanbase for the sports car.

If you’re in the rarefied market for one, the luxury car site, James Edition, lists eight SLR McLarens for sale, with a SLR 722 Edition model listed for $695,000. The lowest price listed for one is $217,000.

Apparently, the driver of this particular SLR McLaren also owns the Mercedes-Benz GLK GTR Super Sport featured in the video. Though, the smoking-tire show is all courtesy of the SLR. Enjoy!

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