S600 Attempts Puddle Run

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stuck 597x398 S600 Attempts Puddle Run

The Mercedes S600 can be described as a top-notch luxury car, a Maybach replacement, a chariot for the rich and powerful, and many other things. It cannot, however, be described as an off-road vehicle. This rich Russian owner must have missed that last bit, because he tried to demonstrate his S600’s all-round capabilities, with possibly disastrous consequences.

Apart from the acute embarrassment of having a mere Lexus and an
Infiniti assist this chariot of kings, the owner is possibly looking at
some major dealer service. Some electronics may have shorted as a result
of this excursion, and that interior will definitely have to be
cleaned, possibly via the interior power scrub method. It doesn’t look like the V12 ingested water (which would have
wrecked the engine), but a thorough diagnostic checkup is certainly in

But if you can afford an S600, some dealer service should not
bother you. What’s curious is why take a trek through the woods in an
S600 when you obviously can afford a first-class offroader like a G55?

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