Secret Sports Car SLC in the Works for 2014

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We’ve heard that Mercedes-Benz has secretly been planning work on a front-engined sports car to sit on a spot below the SLS AMG. The secret car will similarly be powered by a V8 engine and now stands to earn plans for development and production after being christened an official codename.

With its price to be pegged at around £75,000, the new sports car is
scheduled to be launched around three years from now in 2014. Its
platform will likely be based on both Mercedes-Benz’s passenger cars
and, of course, those of the AMG performance division. AMG has even
taken responsibility to take sole responsibility for the car’s
engineering, development and testing. So yes folks, this will be an AMG
pure bred.

Word from officials at Mercedes-Benz says the new sports car will be
known as the SLC, a name that was last owned by a fixed-roof version of
the 4th generation SL back in 1971. However, the new SLC will
have a completely different exterior and interior design. There’s even
word that there will both be a coupe and roadster version down the road.
But what’s really interesting is that Mercedes-Benz is planning to
share mechanical and electrical components between the new SLC and the 7th generation SL.

Source: Autocar

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