[Video] 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK promo video leaked

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Mercedes-Benz is know for releasing their very own spy-shots to stir up some publicity, but this is certainly something that didn’t happen intentionally – a leaked promo clip of the all-new SLK. A French promotional clip was somehow leaked on the interweb, giving us all a 10 minute long preview of all the cool and innovative features that will be available with the 2012 SLK.

As you’ll see in the clip, the panoramic sunroof can make you choose
between a transparent or darkened roof at the touch of the button that
takes a few seconds. In the transparent mode it also blocks UV and
infrared light that allows interior components to stay cool! Looking
around inside, it will show to have adopted some SLS features like a
bold-designed center console and a special clock mounted on top of the

Outside, it can also have optional sports AMG package that give it a
more aggressive design for the front fascia and AMG rims. Going around
the SLK you see features like front quarter vents, a boot lid spoiler
and LED taillights.

Once again the engine that comes with this 2012 Mercedes SLK remains
unknown as of this time. The hint given is that it is going to be a
powerful direct injection engine that also incorporates the ECO
stop-start function that is also being used in some of their car models.
That is Mercedes Benz – thinking way ahead of competition and not
waiting for them.

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