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Benz_190_2.6 03-30-2003 08:22 PM

New car
Hello everyone
My family just bought a 1989 190E 2.6. It's mint, only 126000km, no rust, really nice throughout. I got few questions. First, the front seats slide very hard with a lot of resistance, they seem to be lubed but they still slide hard.

Second, I do not know how to get the heat going through the vents that are in the middle of the dash, above the climate control knobs. It is weird, when the heat is at max, the side vents by the windows blow like crazy, while the 2 vents in the middle emit cold air ??? I've played with the controls and I can't get them to work. I dont have the owner's manual yet.

The car sits quite low and it does not have any lowering springs or anything. The ride isn't harsh nor is it bouncy. I am wondering what different suspensions there were for the 190 models. Did it come like that from the factory? T

Now the bad stuff

The rear of the car makes a clunk. I suspect that the flex disc is worn out. I do not know too much about the flex disc, I just read about it here. Maybe someone could enlighten me.?
There is another clunk coming from the front end. Whenever the car absorbs a bump there is a "clunk" sound. The mech. said that the suspension looks good. I guess it could be the strut housing?? Something worn out in that area
If anyone has any ideas, please drop a line


DougandhisC280 04-01-2003 06:29 PM

The seats in my car slide hard too. I guess Mercedes should just stick to electric stuff instead of manual. You can't get hot air to blow out of the center vents, you have to close them off. Check the top of the shock towers under the hood. If the rubber piece is cracked they need to be replaced. This usually causes the clunk up front. The flex disc is not really in the rear so I don't think that would be it, though I'm not really sure. Oh, by the way, I thought the 2.6 came standard with power seats. Am I wrong?

sdmb 04-06-2003 10:32 PM

I thought the 2.6 came standard with power seats. Am I wrong?
Yes you are wrong :) It was an option.

MTI 04-07-2003 05:25 AM

Just curious, but which lever are you using to adjust the seat? The one on the left side bottom of the seat adjusts the height of the seat, while the lever in the front right adjusts the fore and aft position.

The 2.6 came with only one suspension, except for the Sportline models which were lowered just a bit.

You are not getting heat from the center outlets because they are for non-heated air only. Heated air is only available from the dash vents, just below the windshield, from the side vents and from the footwells.

Flex discs (there are two, one on either end of the drive (propeller) shaft usually indicate wear or failure through vibration of the shaft. While the noise could be from the discs, it might also indicate that the rear subframe mounts need to be replaced. You need to have a look under the car.

Benz_190_2.6 04-10-2003 08:17 PM

Thanks for replies
Hey everyone.
My dad went to a shop and they did some work on the car. The car looked bit low up front because the front shocks were saggy. They put in "Boge Automatics" shocks. I'd guess OE replacement?
Also the flex disc that is next to the tranny was replaced.
The total cost for the repais was about $650 (canadian) total. Thats not too bad in my opinion. For a comparison. we did the master cylinder, discs and pads for a '86 Olds Cierra and the shop charged $500 (CDN)

I have few more questions.

The car runs really nice and pulls hard. The 2.6L engines look pretty solid. I have some reasoning that the milage may not be real for the following reasons:

2 previous owners. First 1 year lease and then second owner for 11 years. No records or anything. The car is super clean and body straight with few door dings.

It seems like the flex discs are pretty solid components. The car reads only 126000 km on it. Do you think that the flex discs get worn out around that milage? I'd guess they can sustain higher milage than 126Km

Also the front shocks needed replacement. In my opinion the shocks should hold up for a little bit longer. Perhaps someone could share their opinion.

After the flex disc replacement. the car pulls nice without any clunk, especially when I ease off the accelerator. However the car still sits pretty low. Could the springs be wornout as well which they probably are. My quesition is, will the life of the shock absorber be reduced since the springs don't do their job properly?

Thanks everyone!

Benz_190_2.6 04-10-2003 08:21 PM

Pic of the car
1 Attachment(s)
My first time puttin up a pix

This is an identical car as ours. Same colour etc... However this car sits slightly higher than our car.

I will get some pics of the car later!

DougandhisC280 04-15-2003 05:54 PM

My flex disc went out at the same time my front shocks did, 90,000 miles. That's about the same time your's went out. If you feel like spending a little money to find out your mileage for sure go to www.carfax.com and put in the VIN #.

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