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Surf Blau 05-21-2003 08:03 PM

190D 3.0 Turbo??
Does anyone know whether the 3.0litre turbodiesel engine (M603) would fit in the engine compartment of a W201? Is there a physical difference (sizewize) on the 2.6/3.0litre petrol engines (M103) and the named dieselengine?

Has anyone ever seen or heard of such a conversion? I think 143 diesel-hp would be cool in a W201!

The transmission, wiring, etc could easily be taken from a W124, but would there be room for this engine in the BabyBenz?? If there is room, the later 24-valved one should fit as well = 177 diesel-hp, easily chipped to more than 200!! ::drool:: This engine would involve too much complex electronics though, the older ones are easier to work with..

PS: I am NOT considering doing this, I am just curious (But it's always nice to have alternatives in case the engine should keel over ;)).

Eurosport 06-02-2003 07:04 AM

it's been awhile but i remember riding in one in europe it was 5 sp 3.0D

mBe 06-16-2003 05:03 AM

i had that idea too! :) but ... the engine is a little big!

why don't you consider getting a 2.5 TD form W202?! :) i am! :P

180Hp with a repro or chip :)

The 6 inline is a big mother! ... but if i get the W124 300TD i want ... i'm thinking on getting the 300TD with 177Hp

Surf Blau 06-26-2003 03:19 PM

The 3.0 Turbodiesel is really not any bigger than the M103 2.6/3.0 litre petrol engine, so it should fit. But, the 6-cylinder 190s are slightly different in the front, as the crossing metalpiece (over the headlights and radiator) is screwed onto the 6-cylinder models whereas it is welded on the 4 and 5-cylinder models.. I think there might be changes behind the bumper as well, but I am not sure about that..

The problem with the newer 24-valve motors from the W202/W124 (later models had the 24-valve NA diesel engines, but only the 12-valve TurboDiesels) is that they are far more complicated than the good old ones. Yes, the later 12-valve models also had electronics and vacuum operated parts en-masse, but to a far less extent than the the later engines. I would prefer to use an engine from the same generation myself, eventhough I agree on the fact that the 3 litre diesel is one big-a$$ engine...

I have no plans to do this for the moment (just replaced the headgasket and some other gaskets on my existing 2.0D engine), but once I have finished upgrading the car with all the options I want, I can picture myself wanting more power as well... Most likely I will never end up doing the conversion though - time and money, and also the Norwegian government, will probably make sure of that...

However, I am still VERY interested in hearing more about similar conversions!

mBe 06-27-2003 06:12 PM

hmmmm ... but the gasoline mercedes, have a longer chassis !

This is what i've been told ... and ... it seems so in the photos i've seen. My 190D is "smaller" ... but i don't know if it's optical illusion.

mBe 07-27-2003 06:35 AM

Surf, why don't you get a 2.5TD ... and stuff it with a new turbo, intercooler, air intake, and stuff like that?

the 2.5 TD's are the best diesel engines Mercedes have made! Far more agressive than the 3.0 Liter TD. :)

I was considering the 250TD 150HP, but the electronics ... so the 2.5TD with the right tune should get about 150-160 Hp ... nice stuff

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