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Aeres707 07-05-2015 04:08 PM

CL55 2005 No Rear Deck Speakers or Sub
I just purchased a 2005 CL55 about 2 months ago and I recently realized my rear speakers aren't working. No subwoofer and nothing from the two deck speakers either. When I turn the fader in my COMAND system all the way to the rear, only the two rear door speakers work. I checked Fuse 66 under the rear seat (25A Audio Amp) and it's fine.

Before I go ripping out the trunk panels and replacing my audio amp ($$$!!) I wonder if anyone here might have any idea on what might cause this. At this point I have no intention of audio system upgrades, I just want to get the stock one working. Thanks!!!

jbondox 07-06-2015 08:06 PM

try a test speaker first on the sub, could be blown.

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