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chrisridebike8 12-26-2016 01:49 PM

I shopped the e60 M5 against the C63. The SMG felt cool when hammering it but was awkward around town. The torque just wasn't there as mentioned above. And the V10 sound only sounds cool outside the car to me. The C63, even in base form, feels like there is enough torque to spin the tires at will. Also, the 6 speed M5 just feels like it falls on its face between shifts. I feel like the gaps between the gears are just a little too big to keep the revs high enough. Additionally, the shifter was not good. I'm sure there's a shifter out there to tighten things up, but in stock form, the e60 M5 6 speed was a disappointment.

SuckaGDog 04-15-2017 02:16 PM

I installed Mike's Power Pipe (secondary cat delete) and the volume is much better. I am tempted though to do a resonator delete. I would send back my current power pipe have him mod it with the H in between and he will send me the additional piping for the resonator removal. My concern is it sounding like a truck and losing that nice growl/bark it has. The M5 has me craving a bit more sound from this.

Does anyone in the Dallas area have both the secondary cat and resonator deleted? I would like to meet up to hear it in person. In exchange for your time I'll buy you a beer and/or lunch.

I also bought a MACarbon red carbon fiber start button. It was a nice touch to tie the interior together.

Jasonoff 04-15-2017 02:21 PM

Subbed, I'm tempted to do the same. Have had Mikes straight power pipe for almost 5 years. Recently replaced my clamps and noticed the driver side inlet of the res is cracked.

INS1GNIA 04-15-2017 02:49 PM

Very beautiful, will keep an eye out for what comes next :).

DarkLordByron 04-15-2017 08:32 PM

I made the jump from a E60 M5 as well. Sadly, no black series for me, but I seriously prefer my C63 at the moment. I love the low end torque. the only thing I preferred on my M was the ride quality and I miss my M button and heads up display

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