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Mejmag 01-28-2017 10:51 AM

W169 won't move when put in drive
Hi guys.

I have a 2005 A class 200 CDI automatic, W169 model.
Was having problems with the battery frequently going flat, something is draining it. Got through the problem by running it at least once a day and then jump starting whenever the car had been idle for a week or more.

After lying idle for a week, I started it up, put it in drive, and nothing happened, there was no slight jerk as it normally does when going into gear. Put my foot on the accelerator and no movement. Tried reverse, nothing. Tried rolling the car forward a little, still nothing. The engine starts and I can move the gear shifter fine, but the car just stays there. Bought an OBD2 scanner but this showed no fault codes.

Can anyone suggest where I might start looking for a problem as I have no idea what could be causing this and everyone else's grarbox problems seem to be with hard shifting or limp mode. I can't find anyone else that's had the same problem as me.

Cheers guys. Matt.

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