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ellie85 04-15-2019 09:11 PM

couple questions on a "new" e350
Hello everyone! I have a couple questions about my car and figured i'd lump everything in one post. any advice is greatly appreciated!

1) I don't think it originally had navigation/phone access installed; is there anyway to activate these features, or do i have to replace the whole unit? and if so, is this something easy enough for a beginner to do or would i have to take it to a shop?

2) the daggum clock. i reset the time, once, through the wheel/driver's console and the clock spun around fine. I ended up resetting to factory to try to fix a different issue, and now the console won't register the change. the clock doesn't move, and scrolling back through the menus shows it's not saving the new time either. Changing the time on the big screen (comand?) saves the correct time, but again doesn't change the physical clock.

3) rear window shade - worked once during my test drive, haven't been able to get it back up since. i'm in bright sunny FL, so any shade would be welcome.

thanks again for any help :D

e350forme 04-18-2019 04:12 PM

...whats the year? (sounds like an 08 or 09)

1) there is after market android unit.


2) not sure. itll work itself out somehow just give it time

3) they are infamous for having this issue (mine has it too). With a helper, have one press the shade button while you press/wiggle on the shade (the motor comes off the shaft, if you play around it with a little it should go up) once up, just leave it there. it is very very hard to get this fixed as the system itself is flawed

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