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Announcements in Forum : Extended Warranty Discussions
10-13-2016 until 12-13-2018
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Please Read!!!! Beware of scammers!

Every social media site in the world has scammers working to steal money. We have examples here of large sums of money stolen by sellers who disappear after the money was sent. Please be skeptical of any transaction with someone you do not know personally. Check an account post history, if it was dormant for some time then suddenly active offering cheap deals be cautious. NEVER send funds via wire transfer, once sent it's gone! Always use Paypal or a known escrow service. Never send money via PayPal as a gift to save PayPal fees because you surrender any recourse to recover your money. The list below is contact information provided to members by the scammers. Please review this list, also search the internet for any scam history associated with a phone number or email address provided to you by the seller.

[email protected]
1+(337) 465-2528
[email protected]
Ph 608 254 9534
Ph 337 602 8011

Please report any unsolicited PM offering a third party referral, the account will be banned immediately. Finally, do not make the hack of your account easy, please change your password. It is easy to do when logged in from your user control panel linked below. Thank you.


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