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Nanook 01-22-2019 01:09 PM

Steeing assist..who?why?
As I learn the new options on this GLE63S AMG versus my ML63 things just get better...
I only took the vehicle on a short test drive prior to purchase and then straight home after picking it up...much to my dismay the next day driving to work I couldn't help but notice the detrimental trait of it darting and searching the road in such a manner I was truly thinking I couldn't possibly live with this vehicle and the way it drives and steers....
Today at the dealer (had to get an additional key for remote starter sacrifice) I spoke to service advisor manager...he suggested I bring it in for an alignment check so we booked it...but while driving home I scrolled though the activated driving assists and noticed "steering assist" was activated...turned it off and voila...the nasty autopilot no longer tried to intervene and steer my vehicle..
So who would want this on is beyond me..does anyone here actually drive with it activated ?...

What a relief to know this activity was not a normal trait of the vehicle...phew... I guess I gotta RTFM...again

IrAg166 01-24-2019 07:51 PM

No issues with mine at all, it does its job really well. Keeps me in lane, no sudden changes like what you've said.

Nanook 01-24-2019 07:54 PM

Mine requires constant correcting..maybe it's the Pirelli Sotto winter tires causing the phenomenon...spring will tell I guess

E55 KEV 01-25-2019 04:39 PM

I have it and I didn't know you can turn it off so I've been driving with it on for 2 years, however I don't find it bothersome. Hope the alignment due to new tires helps.

I installed new Continental DWS06 tires in December 2018 and dealer tried to talk me into an alignment, saying they recommend with new tires, but I decline because I only had 9k miles. I haven't notices any alignment problems with the new tires.

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