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George993 11-02-2017 10:22 PM

Changing engine and transmission mounts V12 TT
Hi, I've just had it done so may as well share the experience. 2007 S600 - contrary to some opinions, there is no need to remove the engine to change engine mounts in the W221 body, engine only needs to be lifted. Transmission mount change is trivial (support transmission, remove cross member, replace mount). Engine mounts are changed without removing the engine, but it is not easy. First, dealers use special engine hoist which sits on top of the suspension etc and pushes the engine against the car - so the engine can go up enough to remove the mounts easily. If you don't have it and use a regular engine hoist, the engine is already lifted to the limit and you start lifting the whole car (and thinking that it will fall off the hoist) when there is barely enough room to swap them. The right side is easier, as on the left side you also need to remove part of the steering. Putting it back together is even harder, as the new mounts are much taller than the old, collapsed ones.

In summary one could do it at home, but I have opted to take it to a local garage/lube place (Rapido Lube in St Petersburg) with factory parts (about $200 on the internet) and detailed description of the process, and they did it for me. They have never seen a S600 before, but did a great job - still took about 4 hours even with a car and engine hoists. So if anyone needs to get the job done in Tampa area at least you know one shop which has already done it http://www.benzworld.org/forums/imag...face_smile.png

biker349 11-03-2017 08:53 AM

good info.

ItalianJoe1 11-03-2017 09:19 AM

All 221s should have the split mounts that allow you to just remove the mount. The engine removal was for the earlier cars where you can't lower the mount arm without accessing the side of the engine, which necessitates subframe or engine removal.

FYI, you can install the updated arms on any v12, so if you did it more than once you wouldn't have to remove the engine the second time.

Welwynnick 11-05-2017 03:35 AM

Thanks. Good to know that MB did learn from their mistakes with the W220.

From memory, I think you can replace the transmission bush WITHOUT removing the cross-member, so an easy job is easier still. Remove the bolts on the cross-member, raise the transmission slightly, remove the bolts on the transmission, and remove the bush. They're all 1/2" bolts IIRC.

I notice that the lower steering column was removed. I'd recommend just disconnecting the bottom joint, at the steering rack end, if you can get away with that. The reason is that it's difficult to re-connect the upper joint without pushing the upper steering column back inside the cabin.


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